The ABC Treatment

Love Vintage, but Hate the Smell?

When you're able to visit us, you'll notice our store doesn't have that funky smell you get at other vintage shops. That's part of our promise to you as our customer: you'll never receive a smelly product from ABC Vintage. We thoroughly treat all of our garments to ensure they are readily wearable immediately with purchase.

We're living in strange times and hygiene and cleanliness are essential. Rest assured, your purchase has been washed and sanitized to ensure your beloved little blast from the past won't stink up your home or closet.


For additional safety during the COVID-19 crisis, we guarantee all online orders receive this treatment and beyond. When packaging your order, we handle your items with gloves, while wearing a mask, in a highly sanitized space. Our staff communicates daily for wellness checks and procedural updates and is required to wash their hands frequently. We also make sure to follow all social distancing guidelines.

Our team is very small - we don't have more than two team members in our building at a time. Additionally, please note that our shop has not yet opened to the public. We postponed our official March 21st brick and mortar opening and we have been closed to all walk-in traffic before and since Michigan's stay-at-home order was issued. We will continue to follow all of the necessary and required guidelines and take no shortcuts that could jeopardize the health and safety of our local and global community.

We do this because we genuinely care about you, our team and our shop's integrity.

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